Private & Professional Personal Assistance

Acquire is founded on the premise that with a successful career you should be able to live a happy and fulfilling life, without being dragged down by hectic agendas, conflicting interests and growing lists of unmet desires. 

Our boutique PA service proves that, with the right support, that’s definitely attainable.

Over the past years, Acquire has supported some of Amsterdam’s most successful founders, CEO’s, HNWI and celebrities. We have developed a deep understanding of our clients and brought together the best of what a private PA can offer to meet the specific needs of a high end lifestyle. 

Delivering a premium customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. We do our work with intellect, precision, and an elegant kind of passion for the job. 

About Annemieke Coenen

Annemieke Coenen has over two decades of experience in personal assistance and has worked by the side of many renowned business women and men.

As a forty something year old lady with a successful PA business, an equally ambitious partner, amazing teenagers, and a pretty high standard for her personal life, Annemieke knows from the outside and from the inside what proper life management asks for.

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